Spaceman Blues Readings, Or, What Happens When You Surround Yourself with Excellent Musicians

The following are recordings of a reading from Spaceman Blues at Barbes, in Brooklyn, NY, in September 2007. With Rima Fand on violin, John Pinamonti on guitar, Nate Landau on bass, and Charlie Shaw on drums.

With these instructions...

  1. Instructions for "The Last Hurrah"
  2. Instructions for "$576"
  3. Instructions for "Deserters"
  4. Instructions for "Blood on the Floor"

...the band came up with these grooves, respectively:

  1. "The Last Hurrah," from Chapter 1
  2. "$576," from Chapter 2
  3. "Deserters," from Chapter 5
  4. "Blood on the Floor," from Chapter 1

We had fun. Big fun. So much, in fact, that we pretty much did it again for Liberation in November 2008.

Spaceman Blues: A Love Song is out now, available through your local bookseller, Powell's, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.