The Orangutan

Imagine that Wikipedia were a band. Only with two contributors. And with music instead of words. And at the end, nobody learns anything. That is The Orangutan.

Brian Slattery lives in Connecticut, and Perry Cammack in Washington, DC. They have never played a note together in the same room. However, armed with several guitars, a violin, a banjo, a mandolin, a couple of harmonicas, a ukulele, some drums, an accordion that Perry schlepped back from Eastern Europe, a bunch of baby toys, some leaf blowers, wine glasses, and Audacity, an open-source audio recording program, they compose music, serially adding, reinterpreting, and deleting each other's ideas, until what they call "songs" crystallize.

  1. The Decline of Mercantilism
  2. The Battle of Dienbienphu
  3. Lake Eerie
  4. Kaleidoscopic
  5. Bethel NY, Before, During, and After Woodstock
  6. Calling Gliese 581c (Can You Hear Us?)
  7. The Last Stop Is Ultra Watt
  8. Quiet Hand of Serendipity (Servant of Karma Mix)
  9. Wedding Day in a Divided City
  10. Busted Lip Blues
  11. Enjoy Memphis
  12. Brother Angelic
  13. The Winter Ends, and the Water Eats Your House

Copyright 2006, 2007, Perry Cammack and Brian Slattery.